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We are committed to raising the bar in the cleaning industry by using eco-friendly products, employing cutting edge technology and hiring quality talent to give you the best clean at a competitive price. Our commercial services are completely customized to your needs. We’ll work with you to create the ideal schedule and cleaning program to fit your business.

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Our Dirt Specialists provide both rough and final post-construction cleanup services (learn more about our different types of construction services below)!


Rough Interior Clean

Dirt Specialists will prepare the home or building so it can receive its final finishings. This includes removing construction debris, sweeping the floors, and prepping them for carpet or flooring, washing windows, and dusting.

Final Interior Clean

The final clean up!  The detailed cleaning after construction is completed. Your Dirt Specialist will vacuum any carpets, clean floors, clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, removing any adhesive from painting, and will remove any lingering debris.

Exterior Construction Cleanup

The finishing touches! This involves removing all lumber, trash, and debris from the property, washing exterior windows, and sweeping driveways and other paved surfaces.


Melissa DeTray